Trayvon Martin Discussion Part 2 – Geraldo Rivera

This discussion is one part of a series of discussions continuously occurring with my college brothers. Please enjoy the discussion and add your comments.

Geraldo Rivera the Chef

M.I.: REALLY!!??? (In response to Geraldo Rivera Tweet)

“Trayvon was killed by a jerk w a gun but black & Latino parents have to drill into kids heads: a hoodie is like a sign: shoot or stop & frisk me”  -Geraldo Rivera

Solstar: Here is my interpretation of the hoodie:

We, in the black community have associated it with thugs and it’s equally portrayed in our music, movies, videos, etc. I also know that the hoodie over the head is like an invisible cape to the world to leave us alone. Seriously though, the hoodie has been a symbol of the stick up kid. May be it’s about time to change the image.

However, why should I listen to a tweet from a man who looks like the human version of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets?

M.I.: So hoodies ARE race-specific attire now?

AP: No, but the stereotype of a black man in a hoodie leans more to thug than to regular guy.

Solstar: From a media perspective, you know who are the first people who they show hoodied up M.I.? Black men.

I think this has brought a few issues to the forefront:

1) Why are hoodies being race specific in THIS case?

2) What is the pop culture ideology of the hoodie? (Usually equated with thievery or no good)

3) Race relations in this country are still prevalent.

M.I.: But that line of logic from Mr. Rivera is the same that says if a woman is wearing a tight mini-skirt she shouldn’t be mad when she is sexually assaulted. Instead of focusing on the criminal we’re placing blame on the victim!

Solstar: I think this is an important understanding of the LACK of inequality. There are just some things we can’t do and we’ve been trained to understand not to do. I know I can’t walk on the North Side with a hoodie on because of racial profiling. I don’t agree with how the Swedish Chef it, but I understand the bottom line of racial profiling. All of this racial profiling and critical race theory all in one…

Solstar: However, no one is asking to be shot and killed. The fact of having a hoodie on doesn’t mean shoot me. That’s absurd, but also the way the “hoodie” is being portrayed in pop culture has a negative connotation which only enhances the ideology of racial profiling.

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