Trayvon Martin Discussion Part 1 – The DOJ

This discussion is one part of a series of discussions continuously occurring with my college brothers. Please enjoy the discussion and add your comments.

Department of Justice


Solstar: Did you hear that the DOJ is supposedly backing off the Trayvon Martin case because the White House feels it’s a local case that should be handled locally?

Clarence: They can’t be serious?!?! It’s a local issue, but they need intervention because that is something that’s never happened in that area. They need all the help they can get.

AP: I actually agree with the white house. This is a local issue that needs to be completed by them. If the feds intervene and say we can’t arrest him, then you create a situation where the WH has to jump in and say something about a local race issue because everyone will be pissed and looking for a statement from the WH. I admit it’s a tough position and this story has all the tension in the world, but the last thing you need is for the feds or the WH jumping in on a race story during the campaign season. It sucks, but I agree with them.

MarcQus: #CoSign

Clarence: At least have a consultant work with the case to make sure it’s handled effectively. Media has given height to this and I think handling the best way possible will make everyone happy.

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