Problem Solving Methods


  • Meaning – Avoiding or keeping away from
  • Action – I ignore or refuse to acknowledge the existence of conflict or the individual
  • Result – “I lose – you lose,” because nothing can be done about it.


  • Meaning – Readiness to aid or please others; obligingness
  • Action – I do what you want in order to satisfy your needs or wants.
  • Result – As a result, “I lose – you win,” because I have to give up what I want or need


  • Meaning – A contest for some prize, honor, or advantage
  • Action – Either you or I will win, but not both of us. This is a form of fighting.
  • Result – As a result, “I win – you lose,” because only one can win.


  • Meaning – A settlement of differences by mutual concessions
  • Action – You and I both give up part of what we want or need to settle the problem.
  • Result – As a result, “I win some- you win some,” because we are both willing to give a little.


  • Meaning – To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort
  • Action – You and I work together to find an agreeable solution to the problem.
  • Result – As a result, “I win – you win,” because we are willing to work together.

Source: People Skills for Project Managers – Flannes and Levin (2001)

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