Movie Review: Green Lantern

Written by Clarence J. Evans

Midnight shows are pretty cool if you are an avid fan of a movie. In the case of free tickets, avid fan or not, Green Lantern is a decent film. It is the DC Comic Book adaptation of the story of Hal Jordan, a white pilot who is given a green ring by a purple alien. (Yes, very colorful indeed.) He soon learns of how to use this ring through trial and error but is soon trained by fellow Green Lanterns to stop the threat of an evil force known as Parallax. Parallax feeds on fear; Green Lanterns feed off of will power; good versus evil at its core.

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

The story line is a good base and Ryan Reynolds does well with the role of Hal Jordan. The Green Lanterns are an Intergalactic Police Force overseen by The Guardians, a high council of ancient beings that watch over the Lanterns and dispatch them to wherever they are needed. They live on a planet called Oa. Each Lantern is chosen by the ring. When an owner dies, the rings search for worthy candidates. Candidates are based off of heart and inner strength. Abin Sur, the original owner of Hal’s ring, is defeated by a Guardian turned bad from the power of fear. This Guardian then turns into Parallax. Their battle is a rough one, but Abin Sur becomes injured in the process. He tells the ring to find a new suitor, which soon comes across Hal.

Word about Parallax gets out to the rest of the Lanterns. Abin Sur’s good friend and next in line leader,  Synestro, takes a small task force to try to defeat Parallax, but soon notices that they are no match. Synestro thinks that he can kill Parallax with a “fear ring” but Hal fears that fear will never work against it. He decides to use the strength of will to defeat fear.

I would’ve liked more action, but this is a good action movie with a little love story behind it. I enjoyed seeing how fathers and their children interact within this movie. One of the relationships involves Tim Robbins as Senator Hammond and his son, Hector, played by Peter Sarsgaard. Hal and his love interest Carol, played by Blake Lively, seem to be the aspiring children of the bunch, Hector… not so much. With this in mind, you soon figure out that Hector will become the villain due to a run in with Abin Sur and a piece of Parallax.

I could’ve done without the love interest part or even the building up of Hector’s story more than Hal’s, but I’m not writing scripts these days. That’s for them other cats. I’m not sure if it will hold comparisons to other Marvel movies, but it’s not Batman Begins or Iron Man 1. I liked it more than Thor. I heard it had a big budget, so I hope this Green Lantern production makes a lot of greenbacks.  I’d give it 3 out of 5 due to them bringing justice to Ryan Reynolds, the use of the ring, the visuals for Oa and the fight sequences. Angela Basset, with a new cropped hairdo, has a scene where she shares an untimely acquaintance with some lab equipment. Poor Tina!

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