Financially Can’t We All Just Get Along

By: Antoine Peterson

When I was approached with the idea to be a guest blogger on, I immediately thought about writing about the American economy.  In the news I see a bunch of fluff, but amongst that fluff I see something bigger than the Anthony Weiner coverage, PAUSE!!  From Main Street to Wall Street we have disagreements, but the bickering we see in Congress just makes me sick to my stomach.

During the 2008 Presidential Election the difference between left and right wingers was obvious, but majority agreed we needed someone better than George Bush II.  President Barack Obama inherited a massive debt issue, but who knew he would inherit a group of 3rd graders.  The indecisiveness amongst our politicians is astounding.  President Obama helped the country move through a recession, but he may be the first president to deal with 2 recessions in one term since Franklin Roosevelt.  The United States is growing slowly and some analysts and people feel we could be on the verge of another recession or depression.  The most recent CNN poll says that 48% of Americans feel that we will have a depression by next year. [1]

I am one of the 48% who feels the same and I didn’t cast a vote in the poll, but I see the writing on the wall for another recession. Unemployment rose to 9.1% last month and it is near 16% in the African-American community.  The economy isn’t being stimulated in my eyes when I see people in St. Louis and Chicago begging for money and sleeping on park benches.  As an employee with a company that ships products throughout the world, I get a minimal view of the market and how well goods are being imported and exported.  In essence, when people are purchasing items business is good ;and when they are not, business is pretty bad.  I can say that business is okay, but compared to before the recession we still have some ground to make up.

How is it that myself and 48% of Americans feel that we are still on the verge of a collapse and not the people we voted into office?  They may know about the issue, but where is the urgency? Earlier this year the United States government almost closed its doors because of a budget issue, only to see Congress agree to a budget after extending the deadline. Today they are fighting over whether to raise the debt ceiling or not;  raise taxes or don’t; cut spending or spend some more; fire Anthony Weiner or don’t fire him.  How about this: “Just do something!”  This type of bickering is like a couple on their 4th date fighting over where to go for dinner.  “No you pick, no you pick. No, I picked the last time.  Well, I picked before and you threw up.”   Honestly, millions of Americans just want something done or we all may throw up.

August 2nd is the deadline for the decision on whether to raise the debt ceiling.   If we don’t make a decision, the United States will default on its loans and the government will understand what many Americans feel when they see that unknown phone number calling their phone, when in the back of their minds they know it’s the student loan people.   This bickering is killing our economy and our nation.  Do we need to pay more in taxes, “Yes.”  Do we need to cut spending,  “Yes.”  Do we need to raise more revenue, “Yes.”  Do we need to call our politicians and urge them to do something, “Yes.”   So why can’t we get along and make a decision?  I’ll leave that up to the people in office, but hopefully it’s a decision they can live with.  We saw what happened after the Rodney King verdict. Let’s pray we don’t see a repeat of that on a larger scale.

Antoine Peterson AKA DJ BigTwon
CEO of Emerge Management


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