Fighting for Black America

Recently MSNBC aired “The Black Agenda,” hosted by Ed Schultz. I won’t get into my thoughts about Mr. Schultz hosting this event, but you can probably guess what I am thinking. During the show Dr. Cornel West and Rev. Al Sharpton were involved in a verbal confrontation about the President’s responsibilities to the African American community. The exchange was heated. After much deliberation I decided to post it here:

The important thing to understand is that both Rev. Sharpton and Dr. West are passionate about the African American community. The only issue I have is the way that they chose to address their concerns. With that being said, Dr. West threw the initial jab at Rev. Sharpton and the verbal battle ensued. To paraphrase Jeff Johnson, “These two brothers have each other’s number that is what their cell phones are for.”

To critique or not to critique, that is the question. I have always believed that in order to understand anything you need to do the research yourself. Second-hand news sources often interpret the information in a way that dilutes the findings.

What is President Obama doing for the African American community? I will let him tell you. Check out the White House link below.

Winning the Future – President Obama and the African American community

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