Connect West Michigan

West Michigan is vibrant community with rural, suburban, and urban areas to live and enjoy. It is important to be able to meet the needs of the many different types of people in these communities. While well intentioned, many organizations are not able to meet these needs. This is one of the many reasons why diversity within any company structure is important. How is your team doing?

How do we assist with recruitment of diverse professionals in West Michigan?

There are many great things about living and working in the West Michigan area. What information do you share with your candidates? What questions do you ask in regards to their needs? This is where we can come in to assist. Connect West Michigan will provide you with the questions that you need to ask your candidate in order to address their needs. We can also help you answer any questions that your candidates may have about West Michigan or a specific community, school district, religious services, etc.

How do we help retain diverse professionals in West Michigan?

We assist in retaining professionals by discovering and addressing their unique needs. Many professionals leave the area because their needs are not being met or other factors that we cannot control like weather, death of a loved one, etc. What we focus on is what we can control like organizational climate, community, networking, places of worship, dining options, hair stylists, racial/ethnic opportunities, and targeted entertainment. Our goal is to lay out why West Michigan is good for “you” and not just everyone. Being specific to your new employee is our goal.

Mission – The mission of Connect West Michigan is to assist organizations with the recruitment and retention of diverse professionals, customers and community partners in the West Michigan area.

Vision – The vision of Connect West Michigan is to provide full service support for organizations and professionals of color through networking opportunities, assessments, and continuing education.

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