Chicago Childhood Favorites

An illustration of how kids played during my childhood.

Today kids do not play outside much.  I recall always wanting to be outside as kid.  The only thing that would prevent that was homework.  Video game systems were still in their infancy;  a visit to the arcade was more likely.  I took a moment to reflect on the things I missed most about growing up in inner city Chicago.

MarcQus three years old

Ten things that I miss growing up in the inner city:

  1. Penny Candy
  2. Icy Cups, Freeze Pops, and Snow Cones
  3. The Ice Cream Truck
    1. This is soft serve not ice cream bars—ice cream cones and banana splits
  4. Playing basketball on everything but a real rim
    1. Baby swings in the park
    2. A crate attached to an electric pole
  5. Kid games
    1. Hide and go seek
    2. It
    3. Rock Teacher
    4. Red light – Green light
    5. Hit the top
    6. Monkey in the middle
  6. The corner store
    1. Little Debbie snack cakes were sold out of the box for 10 cents a piece
  7. Playing tackle football on concrete
  8. CPS butter cookies
  9. The neighborhood water park created by a fire hydrant
  10. Block parties

There is so much more that I miss.  Feel free to share your memories. Keep it rated G.

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