Charts, Graphs, and the Deficit

This blog is for individuals that can think for themselves. The following are a few of the charts that I have seen over the last couple of weeks. Analyze them and come to your own conclusions. CNN, FOX News, or MSNBC should not have to interpret them for you.

I will make as little commentary about each graph as possible. I have two goals in mind. First, I want to show you how the same information is shared or misrepresented to the public. Second, I want to encourage you as a citizen to always do your own research. Sole reliance on the media to provide you with facts is a recipe for incompetence.

 Source: New York Times, July 24, 2011

Projections vs Reality


 Source: New York Times, July 24, 2011


Source: Pew Research Center

Median Net Worth

Change In Net Worth

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