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Takara Taylor
“MarcQus delivered a great presentation to members of the BLEND Organization. He is an awesome trainer who provides great insight in regards to working with people from different walks a life. He sheds light on the importance of being able to embrace differences in the work place along with placing great emphasis on the notion that we all may be different but we all have skills & talents to offer. The key is to figure out exactly where our strengths & weaknesses lie. His training has allowed his participants to discover things about themselves which may not have been noticed before. Great Work!”

Janean Couch
“I have had the opportunity to attend two True Colors trainings, both facilitated by MarcQus. As a facilitator MarcQus takes his time explaining concepts, he engages his audience, and makes participants feel comfortable. He explains the theories and concepts behind True Colors very thoroughly and he is committed to thinking of new and creative way to keep participants engaged and keeping the training fresh and exciting. He makes his work enjoyable for both him and his participants.”

Maxine Gray
“MarcQus is an EXCELLENT facilitator who combines years of experience, with a genuine passion for personal growth and organizational effectiveness. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the “True Colors” exercise, and the pragmatic information I was able to take into consideration about myself and others right away. We had a lot of FUN, LEARNING, and by combining those two elements, it was definitely an experience which will last in my mind! I highly recommend MarcQus Wright.”

Orlando Murrell, Sr.
“MarcQus Wright is highly professional in his presentation of diversity and team development, presenting information & activities in an interesting and informative manner. He relates the analysis of the multilayered subjects to each individual and personalizes them for the participants & the group dynamic with which they are working. If given the opportunity, I would highly recommend his program for any type of group and would highly recommend MarcQus as a presenter.””

Kelli Bossick
“MarcQus is very dedicated to educating students on diversity. He has came up with many creative presentations to help students understand diversity issues and struggles. I learned many things while attending his workshop. It definitely changed my outlook! Thanks, MarcQus!”

Tera Qualls
“MarcQus is a fantastic True Colors presenter. I have been in two of his sessions and learned something new both times. MarcQus brings a wealth of talent and knowledge to each of his presentations, and is a great resource for developing your leadership talent.”

Brandie Tenney
“MarcQus is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter,his topics are valuable for both educators and bussiness organizations. I highly recommend MarcQus for training and teambuilding events.”

Melvene Tardy
“I’ve worked with MarcQus as a colleague on the Administrative and Professional Development Sub-Committee at GVSU, and also participated in the True Colors training which MarcQus facilitated for our 30 person department (Johnson Center for Philanthropy at GVSU). He has been a strong contributor to the committee work, sharing his valuable insights and experience as we developed programming for university staff. His work with True Colors has been exceptionally well received. His easy rapport with attendees helps eliminate the hesitancy they might otherwise experience when participating in team building training that reveals personality characteristics and idiosyncrasies.”

James Rademaker
“I served for two years on the GVSU Professional Development Committee and have attended the Lost In Diversity seminar that he co-facilitates. MarcQus has always been able to add valuable perspective and ideas to discussions and his seminars. He establishes a level of trust and respect quickly with groups and individuals.”

Sara Gonzalez
“MarcQus Wright is both an excellent manager and an engaging speaker. I had the privilege to learn from MarcQus while working under his supervision in the Passport Housing Complex at Grand Valley State University. MarcQus was an incredibly committed manager; both to his residents and to those he managed. He is incredibly detail oriented with a passion and focus on the big picture. His commitment to diversity and continuous improvement are prevalent in both his management style and the way he engages audiences. I was recently able to attend a True Colors seminar lead by MarcQus and was again impressed by his passion. I recommend the seminar to anyone who is interested in continually improving his or her management style. It was an insightful look into my personality and the personality of those that I work with.”

Carlos Northern
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with MarcQus for two years as a Resident Assistant and as a Multicultural Assistant. He has the unique ability to manage multiple projects and personalities where priorities can often clash. He was able to bring his experiences from his background in training and development to produce award-winning staffs in back to back years. He showed us how to get the job done while making sure that we, as staff members, remembered to put our lives as students first. At the same time, he always pushed us to do bigger and better things to improve the lives and experiences of our residents. He has served as more than a supervisor and has often helped me work through difficult situations as a staff member, student, and as a young man. I highly recommend MarcQus for any of your needs.”

Scott Jensen
“MarcQus is an outstanding worker. He expects the best from himself and those he works with. He always produces amazing work. MarcQus is someone who stays until everything is just right.”

Shaun Simon
“I have had the opportunity to work with MarcQus closely over the past two years, with him serving as my supervisor. He is a very detailed manager, grasping and understanding the details of multiple projects at once and having the great ability to be able to explain them to his colleagues. His communication skills are great and very effective when communicating with a team who are also balancing multiple projects. Also through working with MarcQus he never loses focus of the fact that you are a whole person and looks to make sure that those he works with are doing well not only professionally and academically but also personally, if needed he is able to provide tremendous support and resources for those whom he works closely with. It has been a distinct joy and pleasure to have worked with MarcQus and I would recommend him for any leadership position knowing that his team will be well managed and taken care of.”

Aubrey Lehrmann
“MarcQus is an incredibly insightful problem-solver and motivating leader. It was easy to want to go the extra mile for our residents and programs because MarcQus was always there to support and recognize our efforts.”

T.J. Maciak
“I attended the True Colors training session that MarcQus put on for the Johnson Center and learned a lot not only about myself but about the people I work with. I would highly recommend him to put on a True Colors session for any organization that is interested in allowing their team members to find out more about what type of people they are and to gain a greater understanding of how to work with the different types of people (colors) in the world.”

Joe Amisi
“MarcQus is an inspirational leader with a genuine interest in the personal and professional development of his team members. He focuses team efforts on top-quality performance, readily offering guidance and assistance where it is needed. MarcQus is also an excellent communicator in both professional and personal capacities.”

Angie Shewan
“MarcQus is a very detail-oriented and student-centered student affairs professional. As my supervisor, he pushed me to go above and beyond expectations set and helped me get to where I am today. MarcQus was always providing opportunities for me to learn, to grow and to really prove what I could do. His passion for students and social justice permeates all that he does.”

Ken Horne
“MarcQus has been a very integral part of my undergraduate career here at GVSU. He is truly an example of someone who I hope to emulate as my career within Student Affairs unfolds. His advice has taken me very far, and I am not sure that my college career would have been as meaningful if MarcQus had not served as my mentor. His willingness to listen, to advise, to recommend, and to follow up are all things that I feel contribute to success as a Student Affairs professional. I am truly grateful for everything that he has done for me, and I am proud that from here on out, I will have the privilege of working with MarcQus as a colleague.”

Samantha Lemmer
“MarcQus was my Living Center Director when I worked as a Resident Assistant at Grand Valley State University. I would have been lost without him. His work ethic, determination, drive and ambition were infectious to all of those surrounding him. His enthusiasm made me excited to come to work, and his open mindedness allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas within a group setting. MarcQus thinks outside of the box, when our staff was stumped on a programming or a resident issue, MarcQus came at it from a totally new and fresh angle, and showed us that just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean it has to remain that way forever. His adaptability to change is one of his most admirable traits, he is always willing to listen and consider every option possible. On a personal note, MarcQus has always been there for me. He has stood by me as my boss, going to bat for me many times. He has been such an amazing role model to me, instilling values of acceptance, diligence and passion within me. His smile lights up rooms and he is always a joy to work with. MarcQus is truly an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to work with him.”

Meghan McArdle
“MarcQus facilitated the True Colors Workshop for student leader training at the University of Saint Francis. He was a dynamic and energetic speaker that caught students’ attention immediately. MarcQus developed fabulous interactive group exercises for our students, which allowed them to apply what they were learning about True Colors right away. It has been several weeks since MarcQus presented at our school and my students are still talking about his True Colors Workshop.”

Khayree Williams, M.Ed.
“MarcQus Wright is truly an enlightening, engaging and interactive speaker with a message that’s positive, uplifting, a call to action and personal.

I have no doubt that the address he delivered at the 2013 Aquinas College Calling All Colors Conference will be remembered for years. More importantly his call to action and sharing of his personal journey resonated with the Grand Rapids high school students and was relatable to their everyday lives and their personal ambitions and the journey before them.

I truly believe that MarcQus has the ability and power to be a national presence as a speaker and wish him the best success! Thank you for your contribution and message MarcQus!”

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